– rye bonji, lemon oil  22
West Coast Oysters – bonji mignonette  24  |  half dozen
Shrimp Cocktail – cocktail sauce  18
Alaskan King Crab Legs – citrus aioli  50  |  half pound
Shellfish Plateau – king crab legs, oysters, shrimp  60
Grand Plateau – king crab legs, lobster, oysters, shrimp, smoked trout roe  179

Cultured Butter & Buckwheat Honey
– maldon salt, cracked pepper  8
Chickpea Dip – sesame, chili oil  8
Tingly Lamb – pickled jalapeño, labneh  13
Steak Tartare
– sesame, tamari, chilies  19
Egg & Smoked Trout Roe
– soubise, crispy fingerlings  18
Shaved Foie Gras
– cranberry jam, ricotta  31

Sugar Snap Peas – radish, palm sugar vinaigrette  12
Market Salad
– radish, palm sugar vinaigrette  14
Stuffed Peppers
– sausage, buttermilk ranch  16
Crispy Shrimp
– sesame, cashew, honey butter  18
Black Truffle French Dip – white cheddar, horseradish, au jus  55

Macaroni – hozon, black pepper  22  |  add black truffle +33
Lobster Bucatini – saffron, spicy tomato, thai basil  58

Dungeness Crab – roasted tomato, gochujang, cilantro  48
Roasted Duck – five spice, foie gras, orange  55

12oz Skirt Steak
– usda prime, omaha nebraska  42
10oz New York Striploin
– usda prime, 21 day dry-aged 61
8oz Filet Mignon
– usda prime, center cut  65
8oz Smoked Prime Rib – au jus, horseradish  65
24oz Mishima Wagyu Ribeye – kuroge washu, california  180

Smoked Prime Rib Dinner  7 8oz
bing, butter & honey, market salad, mashed potatoes, au jus, horseradish
add oysters, shrimp, black truffle, & beef rib  +30

Whole Plate Short Rib  195
bone-in short rib served ssäm-style with kimchi, soy daikon, ssamjang, bibb lettuce, rice

Live Alaskan King Crab  120  |  pound
wok fried chili crab, crab fat fried rice

Grilled Branzino – sichuan peppercorn, black bean  34
Roasted Black Cod – hozon, bok choy, daikon  36
Dōmo Pan Roast – king crab, shrimp, mussels, sausage  42
Salt & Pepper Lobster
– chilies, crispy garlic, tempura  98
1lb Alaskan King Crab Legs
– singaporean chili, crispy bing  115

SIDES – 12 
Sautéed Asparagus
Glazed Carrots
Marinated Mushrooms
Pickled Onion Rings
B.S. Fries
Mashed Potatoes

The Major Doughnut
– pan fried krispy kreme doughnuts, vanilla ice cream, banana flambé, caramel whip  38
Bread Pudding
– dates, cashew, caramel, vanilla ice cream  14


Our food is designed to be shared, but if you would prefer any dish individually-plated, please let your server know, and we are happy to accommodate. Most of our menu is also available for takeout. Please ask the host stand about takeout orders.

The safety and health of our team and guests has always been our top priority. Here are some operational changes we’ve been working on for the past four months so our restaurant can be the safest place to dine and work.